Petrol Automation Solution

Hardware and software solutions for automation of petrol stations and storage depots with European Certificates of products

Techno Card for Card Systems LLC is an agent for Technotrade LLC in the MENA region. A leading Ukrainian company manufactures of forecourt equipment for petrol station’s automation. With more than 25 years of experience and installations in more than 120 countries all over the world we produce a variety of equipment and software for different configurations of petrol stations and petroleum depots.

Filling station's automation

Founded in 1993, Technotrade LLC company automated more than 7500 filling stations worldwide and entered the world’s market with reliable products and services. supporting customers in their aims with the latest technologies and high quality technical support. We design and build our products keeping in mind an experience of many years in filling station’s automation focusing on creation of fresh and reliable new products that meet the needs of a changing marketplace.

Petrol Stations Automation

We provide full range of products for petrol stations automation from low level controllers to server solutions.

Support of all types of forecourt equipment

Our forecourt controllers support almost all brands and manufacturers of forecourt equipment for petrol stations and petroleum depots installed worldwide.

Research and Development

Our products development is agile with short way from decision making to implementation of new functionality.

Electronics development

We are applying the latest technologies in our products trying to make them work stable during long ages.

Technical support and consultations

Our experiences stuff provides efficient support and consultations for all questions regarding products installation and maintenance.


Our Patners