Smart Card (contact, RFID, SIM & eSIM IoT, M2M) cards

With more than 22 years of experience in mobile connectivity and working with many of the world’s leading telecom brands, Techno Card for Card Systems LLC is a leading Smart; contact and contactless, SIM, eSIM, and M2M IoT cards and solutions provider offering extensive experience in secure data and subscription management to enable client’s business towards success, enhance relationships, and capitalise on new opportunities.

Scratch Voucher (physical and electronic)

Prepaid scratch with secure, low-cost recharge cards

Recharge cards provide an easy, cost-efficient prepaid method of enabling subscribers to utilise air time and data, and for mobile network operators to realise revenue. Techno Card for Card Systems LLC, and with the collaboration of IT know partners, developed the prepaid recharge applications moving to electronic prepaid vouchers to cope with the market and economy curve.

Banking EMV Debit, Credit cards, Prepaid banking cards

Credit, debit and prepaid EMV smart cards. Offer Java card, Multos or Native chip platform

Support the latest specification Java card 3.0.5, EMV v2.6/4.3, GP 2.3, Support SDA / DDA / CDA and addition securities such ECC, RSA (2048 bits), AES (256 bits) etc.

Various applet selections for international payment schemes such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX.

In addition to data preparation and personalisation of the standard EMV debit/credit application, we can load and personalise additional applets and develop tailored solutions such as ATM, Transportation, Access control, ID, Close-loop payment, Loyalty application if required

Government Cards

We are experts in supplying the most secured government ID, health care, driving license, Vehicle license card. Using smart cards with biometrics results in a trusted credential for authenticating an individual’s identity using one-to-one biometric verification.

Commercial Card (loyalty, membership, health clubs)

An endless array of possibilities to implement commercial and loyalty schemes exists, Techno Card for Card Systems LLC can help clients to find the ideal card solution to build a successful loyalty programme and offer the following types of cards for retail/loyalty:

Gift cards, Membership cards, Discount cards, Coupon/e-coupon cards, Label tags, E-vouchers,